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For BindHub Client v.1.4

Getting Started


Before you start will need to register on Once you are registered, you will need to create an API. You can do this by click My BindHub from the menu then selecting Manage API keys from the drop-down menu.

From this page you can manage your API keys, these are used by applications to securely connect to your BindHub account. It is recommend that you create a new API key for each application that you use. Please remember to keep this key secret as this (with your username) gives access to your DNS records. To create a new API key simply click on Add new API key button. This will generate you a new API key, copy this and store it somewhere safe, then click Save. It is important you click save otherwise it will not be retained.

Now that you have your username and API key, we can manage your domains. You can add domains by click on My BindHub from the menu then selecting Add new record.

Currently, you are limited to using a subdomain of either or For example,

In the DNS entry, enter your full domain name, for example, The destination is automatically set as your current public IP address, you can however change this to another (public??) IP address, once you are happy, click the register button.


It is recommended that you use the Windows Installer (MSI), this can be downloaded from the downloads section.

Once you have downloaded the installer, run it, once you have accepted the license agreement and clicked install it will install the application. Once the application is installed it will load the configuration tool. Enter your BindHub username and API key then click next. The client will then retrieve your domains from BindHub, tick the box for any domains you wish the to "sync" with.


For Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 users:

The BindHub Client uses Microsoft .NET Framework and requires you to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile installed on your computer in order to run. The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is released as a recommended update that may be installed automatically on Windows Vista or higher.

Log and config files

For single-user mode
 <target name="system" xsi:type="File" fileName="${specialfolder:folder=LocalApplicationData}/BindHub/log.txt" archiveAboveSize="10737418240" maxArchiveFiles="0" layout="${longdate}|${level}|${message} ${exception:format=tostring}" />

For multi-user (Windows Service) mode
<target name="system" xsi:type="File" fileName="${specialfolder:folder=CommonApplicationData}/BindHub/log.txt" archiveAboveSize="10737418240" maxArchiveFiles="0" layout="${longdate}|${level}|${message} ${exception:format=tostring}" />

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